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Tablet-enabled roster assignment. Simple & accurate

With a tablet device, front-line managers are allowed to simply click and assign shifts and leaves to the staff in just a few minutes. Real-time staff requirement and leave balance are updated instantly to facilitate the process. Once the roster of the month is ready, click send to update staff the latest roster in their mobile devices.
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Auto-generate monthly timesheet. No manual calculation anymore.

By using mobile check in / out, or connecting to attendance device of your choice, PinShift automatically calculates employee working hours, over-time work, and highlights exceptional cases e.g. late, early leave, absence etc. Front-line managers are allowed to gain insight on employees' performance and make monthly payroll easier than ever.

Straight-forward payroll process. Good enough for front-line monthly payment.

Unlike the complexity of other HR systems, PinShift only takes 7 steps to complete the payroll process. After selecting the pay period and employees, PinShift automatically calculates employee's payroll according to the timesheet records. Managers are allowed to adjust the generated payrolls. When finish, click to complete the generation of payroll summary report and employee pay slips. That's it!
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Wait, there's more

There are plenty of additional features to discover

Simple enough employee management

To create a new employee, only name, position, salary / wages and annual leave balance are required. PinShift collects only the data needed for assigning roster and payroll calculation. The fields required to enter is 10 times less than a normal HR system!

Simple employee management, employment management

Smart dashboard. All you need to know

PinShift digitalizes and summarizes every important figures front-line managers need to know. The dashboard reminds them of unapproved leave, pending payroll payment and attendance information of the staff in real-time.

PinShift Smart dashboard

Employee Self-Service

By logging in to the PinShift mobile app, employees can access to latest roster update. When they arrive the work location, simple open the app and click to check in / out instantly without the need of a timeclock machine anymore.

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What's special about PinShift?

Unlike other HR systems, PinShift features its simplicity, flexibility and specificity

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