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The best rostering user interface and experience ever

We gathered excel templates that managers used for rostering and designed the most functional and easy to use employee scheduling tool for operation managers to plan staff rosters in minutes. By only a few clicks, managers can quickly assign shifts and leaves to their staff in any devices anytime anywhere. PinShift provides also real-time figures to help them understand the number of hours worked per employee, total positions filled per day, remaining leave balance etc.

 alt= Mobile timeclock system, eTimesheet system, Auto timesheet reconciliation
Mobile timeclock system, eTimesheet system, Auto timesheet reconciliation

Accurate and limitless PinShift Attendance Kiosk

With ever-changing working patterns, we no longer require physical static punch card machine to be installed in your workplace. PinShift supports mulitple clock in / out methods to allow businesses to choose the most suitable attendance method according your business needs. With our PinShift Attendance Kiosk, attendance records can be obtained with Bluetooth, Near-field communication (NFC), Global Positioning System (GPS), QR code scanning and facial recognition whichever serves you best.

Straight-forward and simplified payroll management without complicated settings

PinShift focuses on getting things done in the easiest way. Our payroll module serves most general purpose of generating hourly / weekly / biweekly / monthly payments for your full time and part time staff in just a few steps. PinShift considers only the necessary parts for producing the payrolls, calculates the wages / salaries of your staff, generates excel reports and payslips for your staff instantly.

Easy Payroll, Hong Kong payroll system, simple restaurant payroll
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Timesheet summary at a glance

Monitoring employee attendance is of the utmost important to make sure the operation is going well. PinShift allows managers to look into the daily timesheet summary of the store and highlight attendance records that require your special attention. With the real-time timesheet summary, you can have a clearer picture of your store operation anywhere anytime.

Simple employee management, employment management

Smart dashboard. All you need to know

PinShift digitalizes and summarizes every important figures front-line managers need to know. The dashboard reminds them of unapproved leave, pending payroll payment and attendance information of the staff in real-time.

PinShift Smart dashboard

Employee Self-Service

By logging in to the PinShift mobile app, employees can access to latest roster update. The staff app also empowers your staff to report their availabilities, apply for leave, manager their own profile and much more.

PinShift mobile attendance system, mobile timeclock, mobile punch card system, ibeacon clock in/ out
Work without limits
Android and iOS tablets and mobile phones compatible

What's special about PinShift?

Unlike other HR systems, PinShift features its simplicity, flexibility and specificity

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Built for Front-line Managers
User-friendly Roster Interface
Mobile Rostering
Mobile Attendance
Cater Hong Kong Labor Law
Easy Payroll

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【專訪】 人工智能 X 人力資源管理 協助前線5秒完成編更

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AI編更手機打卡易計數 雲端睇出勤紀錄 本港大學採用

各行各業飽受疫情衝擊,不少公司為減省成本,選擇以兼職或替工取代全職僱員,結果衍生編更困難及紊亂等問題。有本地初創研發出支援人工智能(AI)的編更系統PinShift,並整合了員工打卡簽到和發薪功能。系統推出至今不足一年,已錄得800名登記用戶,更獲本港大學採納,以紓解前線管理人員的行政壓力。 ...

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人工智能 × 人力資源管理 5 秒完成自動編更

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各行各業飽受疫情衝擊,不少公司為減省成本,選擇以兼職或替工取代全職僱員,結果衍生編更困難及紊亂等問題。有本地初創研發出支援人工智能(AI)的編更系統PinShift,並整合了員工打卡簽到和發薪功能。系統推出至今不足一年,已錄得800名登記用戶,更獲本港大學採納,以紓解前線管理人員的行政壓力。 ...

AI編更手機打卡易計數 雲端睇出勤紀錄 本港大學採用

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