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Definitely do more than a typical excel worksheet. Real-time leave balance monitoring, daily staff requirement checking, 418 rule detection etc...

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50% increase in efficiency when compared to other rostering systems


Simpliest roster user interface you ever see! Most rostering interface in the market requires users to first click on a table cell, then select a shift which takes many clicks to complete an assignment. With PinShift Rostering, users are allow to simply select the shift you want to assign first, then click on the calendar to assign to the employee of your choice. The increase in assignment efficiency is very significant!

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PinShift support half shift, half day off, over-time work(OT) and early leave

Scheduling staff in multiple locations (NEW!)


Some managers need to arrange staff to work in different locations. The "Multiple-store roster" feature allows users to assign shifts to staff in multiple workplaces in one page. Shift swapping or man-power monitoring are now visualized and become easier to manage.

Real-time working hours and leave balance data to assist you to make the best decisions


During schedule planning, information such as leave balance, assigned working hours are very important to help with the decision making. PinShift provides real-time leave taken and balance, weekly assigned hours comparing to the contract hours, number of rest days assigned etc and proactively show warnings if the assigned shifts violate the Labour Law, making sure that the produced roster is optimized.

Real-time leave balance calculation during rostering
Display everyday store employee requirement

Make sure you have enough staff to work


End-users are allowed to set the daily staff requirement for each position in each store. PinShift takes care of the checking for you in the roster page and shows warnings in case the number of staff is insufficient or overstaffed. And the checking is in real-time!

A.I. automatic roster assignment


With the assistance from A.I., PinShift is able to study the weekly working hour and rest requirement of the staff. In addition to the store staff requirement and previous roster history, the system could automatically suggest an AI generated roster for you with only 1 single click. Easy, simple but intelligent!

Real-time leave balance calculation during rostering
Employee receive the latest roster / work schedule from PinShift mobile application

PinShift Manager Mobile App - Your portable roster scheduler (NEW!)


Whether you are in the middle of commuting and in your bed at home during the midnight, with only a smart phone, you can easily use our "PinShift Manager" app to amend employee roster with ease. With a few taps, you can quickly adjust or swap shifts or assign leave and share with your staff instantly.


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Smart Timesheet

PinShift generates your monthly timesheet records automcatically without the need of manual checking. Front-line managers only require to look at the exceptions highlighted by our system and adjust as needed. Then it is done.

Simple Payroll

Payroll is as easy as you click run, and it generates the reports you need and the employee payslips.

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