3-mins roster scheduling

Definitely do more than a typical excel worksheet.

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Unique but human user interface

Simply select the shift you want to assign. Click on the calendar to assign to the employee of your choice. Done.
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PinShift support half shift, half day off, over-time work(OT) and early leave

Half day off? OT? Not a problem

PinShift supports half day shift, time-off, over-time work etc and display nicely on the calendar

Keep track of employee leave balance

Whenever you assign a leave to an employee, the balance on the right of the calendar shows the updated leave balance instantly for your reference.
Real-time leave balance calculation during rostering
Display everyday store employee requirement

Make sure you have enough staff

PinShift check your daily staff requirement, making sure that you have enough staff to work in your operation park hour

A.I. automatic roster assignment

PinShift will automatically assign employee roster for you based on the rest day & leave amount, staff requirement of the store, previous shifts of the employee etc.
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Employee receive the latest roster / work schedule from PinShift mobile application

Mobile Ready

PinShift Employee App allows staff to get latest update of the assigned roster. Streamline the roster update process in no time

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There are plenty of additional features to discover

Smart Timesheet

PinShift generates your monthly timesheet records automcatically without the need of manual checking. Front-line managers only require to look at the exceptions highlighted by our system and adjust as needed. Then it is done.

Simple Payroll

Payroll is as easy as you click run, and it generates the reports you need and the employee payslips.

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