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Hong Kong simple payroll system, restaurant payroll system

7 steps, less than 30 mintues

For front-line managers, payroll does not need to be that complicated. Simple creation and adjustment, and generation are good enough.
7 simple steps, easy roster system
Payroll prerun checks

Pre-run check helps identify potential issues

Before the payrun, PinShift conducts a pre-run to check any unsaved timesheet records and unapproved leaves to ensure the process can be done faultlessly

Flexible enough to handle all situation

Managers are allowed to adjust the generated payroll if needed, making sure that all kinds of cases can be taken care of.
Flexible payroll system
Auto generate payslips

Employee payslip generation

Earnings, deductions and MPF are shown clearly in the employee payslips. All are generated by PinShift instantly.

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There are plenty of additional features to discover

Smart Timesheet

PinShift generates your monthly timesheet records automcatically without the need of manual checking. Front-line managers only require to look at the exceptions highlighted by our system and adjust as needed. Then it is done.

Tablet-enabled roster assignment. Simple & accurate

With a tablet device, front-line managers are allowed to simply click and assign shifts and leaves to the staff in just a few minutes.

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