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Keep your employees on track with PinShift Staff App.
Wireless remote attendance monitoring, inform your staff the latest work schedule - all in one app.

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Wireless remote attendance monitoring, inform your staff the latest work schedule - all in one app

Create a more connected workplace

With PinShift Staff App, your staff can get informed the latest roster information, submit availability, clock in / clock out, apply for leave and more...

Your staff will get real-time notifications when managers publish the latest roster. With the Staff App, your staff are well informed with the latest work schedule

Most-updated roster 1

Get your staff informed the latest work arrangement with push notifications. They can check their personal work schedule / team roster with PinShift Staff app.

Availability submission 2

Allow your teammates to submit what time / shift they prefer to work in the coming weeks. Provide their preferences to help managers to make the best scheduling decisions.
In PinShift Staff App, staff are able to mark their available timeslot / unavailable days for works in the calendar
PinShift mobile attendance allows staff to clock in / out with NFC, Bluetooth beacon, Wifi, QR code scanning, GPS etc...

Mobile attendance taking 3

Wireless and remote clock in / out with PinShift Attendance Technology without traditional punch card machines. Accurate, efficient and effectively prevent fake records.

Leave requests 4

Your employees can submit leave requests instantly from the app and check the leave approval process and remaining leave balance.
Your employees can check the update-to-date remaining leave balance and submit new leave request instantly via their smart phone.
Send swap shift / leave requests to colleagues

Send swap shift / leave requests to colleagues (NEW!) 5

Employees are allowed to request shift swapping with colleagues. When both employees agree on the roster swap, they can submit the request to their manager and wait for approval, saving time and workload from the managers

New generation attendance monitoring

turn employee devices into a secure and accurate time clock. Multiple attendance methods available.

Bluetooth beacon with PinShift Attendance Kiosk

Wirelessly take attendance with bluetooth beacon technology within 20-30 meters around the PinShift Attendance Kiosk. One of the most compatiable ways to clock in / out using Bluetooth! * require to purchase bluetooth attendance kiosk

Simply tap to clock in using Near-field communication (NFC)

Similar to using Octopus card, your staff can tap on the PinShift Attendance Kiosk to take attendance with smart phones that equipped with NFC.

Two-way dynamic QR code scanning

PinShift developed a secure dynamic QRcode mechanism to allow staff to scan the QR code from the manager app / manager scans the QRcode on the staff app. The QRcode data is securely encrypted, dynamically changed and safely transferred so that fake attendance could be prevented.

Facial Recognition

PinShift supports facial attendance with selfie in the Staff App. It is proven to be highly effective to combat fake records created by other colleagues

Wifi connection

Simply connect to your company wifi to take the attendance

Global positioning system (GPS)

Locate your current location using GPS for attendance taking

PinShift Attendance Kiosk

Our self-developed attendance Kiosk equips with the latest proximity sensing technologies using bluetooth beacon and NFC. When the device is placed in the workplace, our PinShift Staff app is programmed to detect the Kiosk within a specific range of distance to make sure the staff is taking attendance in the right work location.
PinShift Attendance Kiosk

Why is remote attendance important?

In today's ever-changing environment, new working patterns evolved. For example, work from home, field works, freelance working etc. With our remote attendance technology in PinShift Staff App, you can manage your employees and capture their attendance with precision.

PinShift Employee Attendance Mobile App

Available in the App Stores, free of charge

No manual checking required anymore

PinShift automatically helps you compare the attendance record with the planned roster. Timesheets are filled and be ready for review instantly.

Smart Timesheet
PinShift automatically calculates employee working hours, over-time work, and highlights exceptional cases e.g. late, early leave, absence etc. Front-line managers are allowed to gain insight on employees' performance and make monthly payroll easier than ever.
Smart Timesheet

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