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With auto monthly timesheet reconciliation, no manual calculation in the paper punch cards anymore.

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PinShift auto timesheet and attendance management system

Employee Mobile Check in / out

Use NFC / Bluetooth / Dynamic QR code / GPS / Wifi / Facial Recognition to check in / out. The timeclock records are written directly into the PinShift database.
PinShift mobile attendance timeclock, attendance taking mobile apps, NFC / Bluetooth / Dynamic QR code / GPS / Wifi / Facial Recognition
Timesheet management system, auto compare roster and attendance records

Auto-calculate working hours

PinShift utilizes a smart comparison engine to check the planned roster with timeclock records and generate total working hours of the employee.

Highlight exceptions for managers

PinShift reminds managers exceptional cases for example late, early leave, absence, over-time etc. Managers can adjust the records based on different situation accordingly.
Attendance exception report, highlight late, early leave, absence or over-time situations.

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Tablet-enabled roster assignment. Simple & accurate

With a tablet device, front-line managers are allowed to simply click and assign shifts and leaves to the staff in just a few minutes.

Simple Payroll

Payroll is as easy as you click run, and it generates the reports you need and the employee payslips.

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