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PinShift Employee Scheduling App, Free of charge

Produce your monthly staff roster with just a few taps

Re-engineered user interface design lets you schedule monthly roster in minutes. You can also send the roster to your staff via Whatsapp, Email etc...

Very Simple Setup Procedure

You don't have to worry about complicated setup. We simplified the steps required to prepare yourselves for the rostering function. Our quick setup let you enter only 3 things - unit name, shifts, and employees. You can get ready for the employee scheduling instantly.

Instinctive and human user interface design

With a few simple taps, managers are allowed to assign employee rosters instantly. Our re-engineered user interface design let you schedule quickly and with flexibility. PinShift Manager can handle over-time work, time-off, half-day leave, etc.

Instant Roster Sharing

We understand that roster distribution is very important. PinShift Manager let you share the monthly roster in PDF format and send it to your staff through WhatsApp, email, Slack, etc...

Much easier to use when compare with other roster system


PinShift Manager takes reference from general excel roster templates in the market. Front-line managers are allow to have a overall picture of the employee schedule even with their mobile phone. By simply selecting a shift / leave from the control panel, then click on the roster grid to assign roster to an employee on a date. Simple and instinctive!

View employee availabilities when assigning shifts


With PinShift scheduling tool, managers can take reference from the employees' availabilities when arranging work schedule. Employees can login to the "PinShift Staff" app to submit their available time for work ("availabilities") or days which are not able to work ("unavailabilities"). Considering employee work preferences during roster planning could enhance the sense of belongings from the staff and thus overall productivity during work.

Instant roster sharing with Whatsapp


After finishing your monthly roster, you can simply click the Share button. PinShift Manager helps you convert the monthly roster into a PDF file. You can share the file with your colleagues with Whatsapp, email, etc...

Quickly copy previous roster template to the current one


Many companies contain shifts with pre-defined patterns. PinShift Manager supports users to duplicate the rosters from previous period and apply to the current schedule, reducing repetitive work, saving tons of workload when making arrangment for multiple staff.

Customizable time for staff with non-regular shifts (NEW!)


Managers can use "custom shift" to quickly select the roster start, end time and directly assign the shift to the employees without needing to create a regular shift. It helps speed up the roster assignment for industries that have many shifts in many different time slots.

Assign tasks & work locations along with your shift rosters (NEW!)


Managers can mark the task assignment and allocate work locations to staff in the roster. Your staff can have a better understanding of your preferred work schedule with more useful information.

Get more control over your workspace
with PinShift Professional Plan

Managers can enjoy additional features to help you not only manage employee schedule, but timesheet records, leave approval and employee maintenance

Real-time attendance overview. Late comers, absentees, staff who leave early etc are highlighted. Analyse the shift and leave distribution

Real-time attendance overview

Managers can have a better understanding of the attendance records of the employees. Late comers, absentees, staff who leave early etc are highlighted to allow users to pay special attention on. With the timesheet dashboard, managers can analyse the shift and leave distribution of the staff as well as time clock records of the staff in specific date.

Mobile Leave Approval

Leave approval no longer a tedious task with PinShift Manager App. Managers are able to view employees leave applications and perform approval actions. Approved leave will be automatically inserted in the roster.

Mobile Leave Approval- view employees leave applications and perform approval actions
Instant employee registration right at the recruitment

Instant employee registration right at the recruitment

You can get rid of the recruitment paper form with PinShift Manager. Simply fill in the form in the mobile app. Take photo and setup the staff app authentication. Your staff can be ready to go.

Employee swap request approval (NEW!)

PinShift Manager allows users to review employees' swap requests and complete the approval in the app. Employees' work preference is well taken care of.

Employee swap request approval

PinShift Manager

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