5 Must-have Features of the Best Employee Scheduling Software

by Taylor Tsang, Roster
Feb 6 2020, 10:52am
Must-have Features of the Best Employee Scheduling Software

With so many kinds of employee scheduling software out there, it could be difficult for you to choose the best one that benefits your business the most. We have selected five key features you should look for when shopping for an employee scheduling software, keep reading and learn more about it!

1. Automated employee scheduling

Maximizing the efficiency by simplifying the schedule creation process is always a company’s overall goal, and selecting a software with the auto-scheduling feature is the best way to achieve it. Considering the rest day, leave amount, staff requirement of the store, and the previous shifts of the employee, the employee scheduling software will automatically assign an employee roster based on these requirements. With the assistance by this automated scheduling function, employee scheduling is neither a complicated nor a time-consuming task.

2. Attendance tracking

Tracking time and attendance is crucially important for all organizations to manage the workforce, so that you could ensure all the staff clock in and out on their assigned working time. It helps save the labour cost by improving the accuracy of staff reported time, so the time spent on payroll procedures including collection, management, and calculation can be reduced. The ultimate goal can be accomplished as the work efficiency can be improved in the long run.

3. Payroll tracking

As what we have mentioned above, a worth buying employee scheduling software should support half-day shift, time-off, and overtime work, etc. Human error often occurs when you have to involve in such a complicated mathematics calculation. With the payroll tracking feature, the total salary amount will be calculated by the system automatically once the employees have clocked in and out of their shift. It greatly improves the accuracy, not to mention an increase in efficiency by means of reducing the time you have to spend on manual data entry and calculation.

4. Self-service function

In addition to the improvement of efficiency, the ease of use is also a crucial factor when it comes to paying for an employee scheduling software. If there are too many restrictions that do not satisfy the users’ needs, it will cause inconvenience and therefore could not meet the final goal of improving efficiency. Through the flexible self-service function, users can make adjustments according to their specific needs, such as the leave type, the duration of each shift, and handling the leave request from front-line employees. Such a user-friendly function can indeed help you to improve the work efficiency by assisting you to get the job done quickly and easily.

5. Optimized for mobile

Apart from a well-designed website, an easy-to-use mobile application should also be provided when it comes to the best employee scheduling system. With instant access to their schedule through the mobile app, your employees will not be restricted by any geographical boundaries. A notification can even be sent via the app for reminding the next following shifts, so that you can make sure your employees will not be confused with the old version/ last month’s roster.

This Is All You Need -- PinShift PinShift can satisfy all of your requirements mentioned above! Providing the A.I. automatic roster scheduling feature, a monthly schedule can automatically be generated, employee scheduling is not complicated anymore. PinShift also contains the function of clocking in and out, the total working hours will be generated by comparing the planned roster and timeclock record. As a manager, you could review the attendance record and dig out the exceptional cases, like late, early leave, and absence! Two types of mobile applications are specifically designed for the managers and the front-line employees.