Still using punch card?

No longer need a set of separate device for attendance recording again. Mobile attendance - the new way to go.

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No need timeclock machine anymore, use PinShift mobile apps to take attendance

A more accurate way to take attendance

Multiple ways to make sure attendance recording in the right time with the right people

Bluetooth with Beacons

By putting beacons in the store locations, employees are allowed to use PinShift app to connect the beacons with bluetooth in order to take attendance.


Locate employee by using GPS in the check in / out process

Photo Taking

Take a photo of the store and the employee to identify the check in / out location

Instant Roster Update

The employee shift schedule is always accurate with the PinShift manager app, making sure that employees can be properly informed with PinShift mobile app.

One-click mobile attendance

Check in/out employee with beacon technology, GPS, or photo taking to track the location of the employee when taking an attendance.

View timeclock history

Employees can know more about their attendance records for review and calculations.

PinShift Employee Attendance Mobile App

Available in the App Stores, free of charge

No manual checking required

PinShift automatically helps you compare the attendance record with the planned roster. Timesheets are filled and be ready for review instantly.

Smart Timesheet
PinShift automatically calculates employee working hours, over-time work, and highlights exceptional cases e.g. late, early leave, absence etc. Front-line managers are allowed to gain insight on employees' performance and make monthly payroll easier than ever.
Smart Timesheet

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