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Manage your employee roster anytime anywhere with only your smart phone!

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Free Roster App on iOS

Produce your monthly staff roster with just a few taps

Re-engineered user interface design lets you schedule monthly roster in minutes. You can also send the roster to your staff via Whatsapp, Email etc...

Very Simple Setup Procedure

You don't have to worry about complicated setup. We simplified the steps required to prepare yourselves for the rostering function. Our quick setup let you enter only 3 things - store name, shifts, and employees. You can get ready for the employee scheduling instantly.

Instinctive and human user interface design

With a few simple taps, managers are allowed to assign employee rosters instantly. Our re-engineered user interface design let you schedule quickly and with flexibility. PinShift Manager can handle over-time work, time-off, half-day leave, etc.

Instant Roster Sharing

We understand that roster distribution is very important. PinShift Manager let you share the monthly roster in PDF format and send it to your staff through WhatsApp, email, Slack, etc...

Much easier to use when compare with other roster system

PinShift Manager takes reference from general excel roster templates in the market. Front-line managers are allow to have a overall picture of the employee schedule even with their mobile phone. By simply selecting a shift / leave from the control panel, then click on the roster grid to assign roster to an employee on a date. Simple and instinctive!

No problem with complex shift / leave

Taking only afternoon off, over-time work, compensation hours, early leave etc... PinShift Manager allows you to accomplish with ease

Instant roster sharing with Whatsapp

After finishing your monthly roster, you can simply click the Share button. PinShift Manager helps you convert the monthly roster into a PDF file. You can share the file with your colleagues with Whatsapp, email, etc...

PinShift Manager (Free)

Available in the App Stores, free of charge

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